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Abama Resort is an exclusive 400-acre vacation and also residential destination. Offers Michelin-star dining and world-class service to those who prefer tranquillity over fanfare. And with the majority of our terrain dedicated to our luxury properties, this is an ideal place to live or visit. Our undisturbed beach, sumptuous spa and year-round springtime climate provide a welcome retreat. Just a few travel hours from most major European cities.

Abama Resort is designed to serve its guests’ every wish with impeccable service and understated elegance. Guía de Isora, on the island of Tenerife, is a paradise within a paradise. Because of 12 months of spring weather and incomparable views of the Atlantic Ocean and nearby Canary Islands, there’s no place better in the world.

Finally Abama is a universe unto itself. Learn more about our world-class facilities, and also from the 5 star Ritz-Carlton.

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